Chandpur Enterprises LTD. Is primarily into paper manufacturing and their first paper mill at chandpur started manufacturing MG Kraft paper in 1998. Researches went on, endeavors were led. And with in a very short span, Chandpur Enterprises Ltd. Started delivering MG poster papers and newsprint along with varieties of paper by using German Technology.

Following the concept for ‘Development is an on going process’, the mill proceeded with further integration, and an ‘Off-line Coater’ was put up. Company produces high quality coated paper in this state of the art plant.

Paper and environment go hand-in-hand. Only Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) processes are used for the manufacture of the papers in the mill. The optimized effluent treatment plant ensures that the effluent which is drained out of the plant is harmless for the environment.

Chandpur Enterprises Ltd. Now plans to satisfy you gastronomic indulgences too! And that is why has stepped into the manufacturing of a wide range of ready to eat food, with a new name ‘EM-DEE’s’. This snack food range is manufactured by food division, of Chandpur Enterprise Ltd.

The various types of namkeens and extruded foods products are manufactured through highly hygienic and computer controlled mechanisms. VFD and PLC systems are involved in the preparation process, which have a high level of automation. The food products are packed through nitrogen flushing and imported weight control systems. This ensures safety, hygiene and freshness of incredible standards.

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